TELLOS is an independent, family-run group, with over 40 years’ experience in developing and managing innovation-led, interconnected network infrastructures for local authorities and industry. The group operates both in France and internationally and has an ongoing focus on improving energy efficiency and in providing an ever-growing range of services for building the cities and towns of the future.

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Prepare today’s projects within a vision of the future which encompasses the city in all its complexity.

Any project undertaken by the TELLOS Group is examined from every angle, including engineering studies, funding solutions, construction, management and maintenance, to guarantee a successful outcome. Our group goes over and beyond conventional approaches by factoring in the project’s urban environment (including existing infrastructures and future projects), as well as the latest technological innovations, to help give the city’s services (transport, waste management, building climate control, energy) a smart new direction.

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TELLOS Group’s local affiliates offer a network of experts working in each of our business lines.

We offer our customers bespoke, innovation-led solutions tailored to their needs and backed by our group-wide expertise, underpinned by a healthy entrepreneurship and awareness of the issues and challenges the future holds in store for us. The Group holds all the ISO certifications relating to environmental management and all the certifications relating to each of its business lines.

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TELLOS Group affiliates work with an interconnected system which allows them to address the new challenges thrown up every day.

The group’s affiliates have full access to all its resources and competencies, which they can harness for the successful completion of a project or for adapting to an unforeseen or sudden development. Their flexible organisation makes them highly reactive. The Group’s ability to run projects within different environments also offers many advantages and allows it to provide comprehensive and innovative solutions.

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TELLOS, la Terre. “La terre nous en apprend plus long sur nous que tous les livres. Parce qu’elle nous résiste. L’homme se découvre quand il se mesure avec l’obstacle”.
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Wind, Sand and Stars.


Anticipating the future through lasting, innovative solutions.

TELLOS ENGINEERING is the TELLOS Group’s in-house engineering office. It acts as the interface with our customers, organising the Group’s expertise for each project. The office ensures a project can run smoothly across multiple sites and coordinates work involving different networks. TELLOS ENGINEERING provides lasting, innovative solutions along 3 main lines:

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Providing an innovation-led approach embracing efficient technical solutions.

TELLOS ENGINEERING provides a comprehensive solution for the management and conceptualisation of complex urban areas (housing estates, business and retail parks, industrial areas). It offers a strong focus on ongoing optimisation, involving networks in the creation, development and maintenance stages, by keeping close track of new technologies, which can then subsequently be applied to improve performance, cost, management and connectivity.

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Offering turnkey solutions in line with statutory obligations which might otherwise hold back your projects.

Statutory and regulatory requirements are constantly changing, and it is often very difficult for local authorities, especially the smaller ones, to keep track of them. TELLOS ENGINEERING has the legal and regulatory expertise to provide legally-compliant turnkey infrastructure projects which include construction, upkeep, maintenance and operation. The aim is to iron out any issues which may impede the smooth running of the project.

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Secure the financial sustainability of town and city projects.

Budgetary constraints are a key factor in the future of a project. Whenever possible, TELLOS ENGINEERING includes financial solutions as part of its urban or industrial projects, which can, for example, allow a local authority to transfer the cost and avoid accumulating debt. The engineering office can also look for subventions for innovation-led projects, such as high-efficiency cogeneration or urban heating.

Our Affiliates

Every TELLOS Group affiliate enjoys the flexibility and reactivity which a company on a human scale can offer. Affiliates can manage their own business, grow their expertise and client base and build up local networks. Being part of the TELLOS Group means they can offer a wider range of services to their customers, through multi-domain projects and a broad clientele with an international base.

Nos partenaires

En s’alliant à des partenaires de référence dans des secteurs complémentaires à ses activité, le Groupe TELLOS construit une offre très différenciée et pointue qui peut être proposée à ses clients et déployée sur ses propres projets.