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Gas networks

Better control

TELLOS Group has long-standing expertise in the design, installation and maintenance of high, medium and low-pressure gas networks. The company possesses the leading-edge engineering skills and top-level knowledge required for tackling any technical challenges, such as the extension of existing networks, the design and construction of gas network structures for public and private services of utilities such as natural gas and propane (under pressure or not).

The gas distribution network offers competitive advantages in terms of energy efficiency and the fight against climate change. Gas networks can rapidly replace more polluting energy sources, such as the coal and fuel used in older heating networks. It also provides the opportunity for developing highly efficient cogeneration systems. The TELLOS Group is consolidating its positioning by adopting an approach which includes renewable energies, such as green gas and biomethane.

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Heating and cooling networks

Better efficiency

TELLOS Group has developed unique expertise in the engineering, building, maintenance and management of major urban and industrial heating and cooling networks. The company’s approach involves rehabilitating or managing older networks, replacing them with intelligent heating networks, high-efficiency cogeneration, the recovery of industrial heat and biomass cogeneration and heating plants. A similar range of services is also available for cooling networks.

The solutions we offer are fully in line with current standards. TELLOS Group channels its expertise into sustainable development, based on improving production efficiency while using local and renewable energies. For public buildings and for industrial and other facilities, this means lower costs and better control of energy consumption.

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Smart lighting and illumination

Better quality-of-life

TELLOS Group’s expertise in public lighting and innovation is a logical part of the process of driving innovation and delivering on its knowledge of electricity networks. The Group offers a comprehensive range of services, including illuminations for standard and special occasions, lighting for major sports facilities or enhancing historical buildings, rationalising city lighting systems and analysis of lighting units.

TELLOS Group helps local authorities to adopt a responsible and intelligent public lighting system, which can reduce energy consumption and system maintenance and which can act as a driver for innovation in the provision of services to users, such as Wi-Fi relays and smart parking tools.

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Dynamic signalling and access control

Better fluidity

TELLOS Group’s expertise in electricity also extends to turnkey solutions for flow control, access control and remote surveillance. The Group offers specific traffic flow control and coordination solutions for each project.

TELLOS Group works with local authorities to set out and implement an urban mobility plan to improve traffic flow. Particular emphasis is placed on preventing congestion and traffic build-up through traffic light and regulation systems designed to give priority to public transport. Installing video cameras will help prevent urban nuisances, while access is controlled by barriers or bollards. Whenever possible, TELLOS Group sets out to enhance the existing environment through reasoned and controlled use of new technology. Our affiliates:

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Better connectivity

With optical fibre increasingly finding its place both in households and in companies (FTTH, FTTO), the way is open for everyone to be able to use new digital spaces and services. With the ambitious plan in France for rolling out optical fibre throughout the country, TELLOS Group offers a high-performance, quality-driven solution emphasising cost efficiency.

The Group uses its technology to create fibre-optic networks to meet demand from local authorities, cable operators and the private sector. The networks we create are all graduated and tailored to individual needs. We work with regional and local authorities right from the preparatory stage of projects. With its impressive portfolio, the Group can offer cable operators its expertise in engineering, its experience and its knowledge of eastern France. Solutions for industry and business are based on individual needs, and are designed to factor in constraints such as special security requirements or the need for business to continue as usual during installation.

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Better resources

Innovation based on anticipating the future can only be successful when taking the present into account. This is the underlying theme behind TELLOS Group’s environment division, which deals with the rehabilitation of contaminated sites and the management of industrial waste. The Group is based in a region previously dominated by heavy industry, and the rehabilitation of contaminated industrial wasteland was one of the key tasks it was asked to perform in its early days. We now have considerable in-house experience in managing hazardous waste, such as oil refuse.

The Group manages the storage of inert waste from building and public works sites. Whenever possible, the waste is recovered and reused in, for example, road construction and embankments. Our emphasis on using natural or recycled materials underpins our policy of investing in sustainable development and in reducing the wastage and pollution generated by the modernisation of our towns and cities and the maintenance of network infrastructures.

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Réseaux de chaleur.

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